What you should know before you apply:

  • If there is already a distributor in your area we cannot add another one.
  • You have to buy one of the starter packs.
  • No starter packs will be sold before an application is filled in and accepted.
  • Any questions email brineel@dieregesondheid.co.za

Who can become a distributor:

Any person with good selling skills and who loves to learn about health can become a distributor.
You can do it from your house, office or shop.
Distributors should carry a small amount of stock.

How does it work:

  • After you apply, we will consider your application and if it is accepted you will be invoiced for the chosen Starter Pack.
  • Once have paid and funds are cleared, it will be sent to you or you can collect it from your nearest Super depot.
  • Super depots are situated in Hennopspark, Barberton, Kimberley, Margate, Tzaneen, Cape Town and Gamtoos Mouth.
  • Courier costs are for your own account You will be invoiced for it.
  • You add a specified maximum amount to your prices and courier costs to get to your own selling price.
  • You can advertise on our facebook page and where ever you like.
  • Products can be ordered on our online store. You will get a login and password as soon as you are accepted.
  • If products are in stock, you should get them within a week.
  • You will be added to our whatsapp group where you can get all the information you need.
  • Orders have to be paid in full before they are dispatched.
  • All orders must be made on our online shop. No order will be accepted at the factory.
  • You can only sell in the area(s) approved/allocated to you.
  • No products are allowed to be repacked or sold under a different name without prior written consent.

Any questions you can whatsapp Brineel on +31653249870 or email  brineel@dieregesondheid.co.za

Choose your Starter pack and fill in the online application form.
* Prices may vary when you order from a Super Depot because of courier costs.






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