1. 250ml aqueous cream 2. 100g flower of sulphur 3. 1 tin zinc ointment 4. 100ml virgin olive oil 5. 1 small bottle Gentian Violet (only critical for wounds) and (6) two tubes 6. 2 tubes Allergex/Anthisan or similar cortisone ointment (very inex

Panado and Paracetamol : Cat killers According to a new study, paracetamol toxicity for cats may be due to an important hepatic enzymatic deficiency in this species. Paracetamol, a potentially dangerous drug for cats Paracetamol is an analgesic dr

First Aid Kit for Pets – ensure that you have the necessary in stock at all times to cater for emergencies!!! ABORTION – Die injection which can be administered to a bitch to prevent / end an unwanted pregnancy, is only available throu

Dogs eat poop for lots of reasons. Sometimes there’s an underlying medical problem like an enzyme deficiency or pancreatic insufficiency. Intestinal malabsorption and GI parasites are also common medical reasons underlying coprophagia. At my
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